Ideal weather for the last full week of May continues. Temperatures will range from 16 to 20c depending where you are. High pressure air circulation is pulling from the North East today so that will bring temperatures down a bit but then they climb right back up to the mid 20’s this weekend.

  • 1977 The first Star Wars film is released

    George Lucas’ epic space opera is one of the most popular works in movie history.

  • 1979 Etan Patz disappears

    The disappearance and murder of the 6-year-old boy from New York City and the extensive publicity it received helped spark the missing children’s movement.

  • 1979 American Airlines flight 191 crashes shortly after takeoff

    The photo showing the lopsided DC-10 hurtling towards the ground at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago is one of the most horrifying images in aviation history. All 258 people on board died.

Which kind of painters were Monet, Renoir, Cézanne, and Degas: Impressionist, Expressionist, or Fauvist?


Which of the following is a perfect score in bowling: 115, 250, or 300?


Remember when we had glorious winter days? Photo by Dave Jarvis

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