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Our approach is to constantly challenge conventional thinking while blazing a trail into a completely new frontier. We relentlessly push for smarter and more economical ways to deliver supporter's messaging to our viewership on a community focused multimedia platform.

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Our Audience

48% of Canadians consume online news several times daily

People have a strong interest in in news.

7 out of 10 Canadian adults identify as having a ‘strong interest’ in news (see Figure 1).  Not surprisingly, this interest varies with age, but contrary to popular belief, even a majority of 18-24 year old’s have a strong interest in news. This strong interest across age groups shows that news content continues to command consumer engagement. With regard to the top three types of content Canadian news audiences have most interest in, ‘news about my region, city or town’ takes the number one spot, followed by ‘international news’ and then ‘Canadian political news’.

Audiences catch-up on news daily, especially online.

Canadians frequent news outlets daily. 48% of Canadian news audiences catch-up on news several times a day using various sources. Another 37% do so at least once a day (see Figure 3). Essentially, every day, 85% of news audiences are actively consuming news content from various news media. Online news is the leading medium for news audiences. Each week, 70% of Canadians access news from any online platform, including digital only news outlets, social media, or newspaper, magazine, radio or TV websites or applications. The rise of digital platforms continues to be driven by 18-34 year old’s, with three quarters of them accessing news online.

Mobile and social are all about convenience.

With regard to accessing online news, it’s no surprise that smartphones are the mobile device of choice. Smartphones provide an unparalleled digital experience. They provide a quicker, more integrated portal into accessing news through social media; currently the most popular way to access news online. And for those that access news through social media, it is a lot about convenience. Social media users can read the news on the go and easily access a wide variety of sources, while also seeing what friends and other relations care about. But, where social media gains in convenience, it lacks in trust.

Increase sales while supporting local

Relevance is King

An advertising campaign on well-targeted website such as and can help you reach more customers. The key is to buy space on pages that will put your advertising in the appropriate context. Viewers who are in engaged in relevant content are more likely to remember your branding or message, which leads to conversions.

Maximize Local Sales

Sometimes the highest exposure may not be the most effective exposure or spend. It may be more effective to pass over main pages and place your ads on more internal, content related pages. These pages will have fewer readers overall, but those readers will be highly engaged with the content. A great example would be to place an advertisement banner for your event or venue on and Community Events Calendar pages, or your flower shop in our obituary pages. In addition, internal content pages are often available at lower rates allowing you to maximize the quantity or duration of an advertising campaign for a similar spend on main pages.

Follow these important tips for an effective campaign

  • Buy ad space surrounded by content which is relevant to your target market. Research by “Dynamic Logic” indicates that ads integrated into the content of the website are the most effective at increasing awareness and purchase intent. Half banners and rectangles are often a better choice than ads that frame the page, such as leaderboards and skyscrapers.
  • Don’t fixate on the number of clicks! The vast majority of internet users don’t click through on display advertising. Just 8 percent of internet users account for about 84 percent of click-throughs, according to “comScore”. What matters most is page-views, which accounts for ad effectiveness over time, including visits to a website, seeking more information, product purchases, becoming a lead or keeping a brand top of mind. This is regardless of whether a prospect clicks through on the initial ad or not.
  • Invest in eye catching creatives. A terrific ad in the right place will produce superior results at any time of the year. So go beyond the ordinary and create special ads that intrigue, inform and motivate.

Our goal at Superior Media is to keep online advertising simple. Our rates are based on either a daily (minimum 7 day commitment) or monthly duration with no minimum commitments. Best part… there are no confusing impression or click rates!

There are a variety of sizes and positions to choose from, both static or in rotation. Unlike most other websites, if you choose a rotational position, there is no need for our pages to be refreshed to see all advertisements in rotation. Banners are automatically rotated at a 6 second interval with a smooth eye catching fade transition having no more than 5 banners in a group. That means your advertisement is guaranteed to be seen every 30 seconds, far less time than is required for a viewer to read most content.

Education is Key – Avoid ‘Smoke & Mirrors”

The following are a few articles we’ve sourced to help eliminate the confusion most of us have when it comes to marketing on the internet.

To explore how a partnership with Superior Media can benefit you while helping to support local, community focused media, simply send us an email to [email protected] or call 705-942-4444.