Ayla-Rose Warth

Ayla is a Sault Ste. Marie, Canada writer who began working on what would become 'The Crux' as a Grade 11 Korah High School student.

Two years later, with intense creative effort, and some excellent, enthusiastic encouragement from internationally recognised writing workshop leader Amanda Jernigan, 'The Crux' has now come to life.

In addition to her current writing projects, Ayla is an Algoma University student.


In Latin, a crux was an instrument of torture, most often a cross or stake – the root of its powerful, enduring association with human misery, and the intentional infliction of intense pain. Over time, crux became synonymous with ‘a puzzling or difficult problem’ – a popular 18th century English language meaning. By the late 19th century, ‘the crux’ specifically referred to the crucial point on which a legal case depended for its ultimate resolution. A modern crux is any important part of a problem, or an argument …

Ayla-Rose Warth has woven these different crux meanings into her work that is now introduced as the first of many forthcoming SaultStream Serials. In this opening Chapter One installment, your personal exploration begins, a first entry into a dark, dystopic, often mysterious and highly conflicted world where The Crux unfolds. This first Serials installment is not intended to set the entire stage for the Warth story, but it will give you an excellent feel for Ayla’s narrative style, with our second Chapter One release (November 21) taking you ever deeper into The Crux.

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‘The Crux’: Chapter 2, Second Installment

In the previous Crux instalment, Vyris has survived a long night of drinking, and celebrating her new affluence. Emerging from her hangover, Vyris is now wondering just what the new, ominous hacking mission funded by the mysterious Crux visitor will involve. ….. Fueled by the newfound energy flowing from my recent success,...

‘The Crux’: Chapter 2, First Installment

In Chapter One, The Crux readers were led into a mysterious city where the skilled, and resolutely mercenary  hacker Vyris is a respected, even revered leader of its underworld community. Vyris has now been hired by a seemingly powerful, well-connected stranger to complete a hacking mission that will likely...

‘The Crux’: Chapter 1, Second Installment

In this second The Crux Chapter 1 installment, our story continues as Vyris enters her dark, mysterious underground world. I stepped out, smoothing down the unruly tangles in my hair. As efficient as the tubes were, the winds made a mess of just about everything. I adjusted the tight, armoured...

Introducing ‘The Crux’: Chapter 1, First Installment

Editor's Notes: Introducing 'The Crux' by Ayla-Rose Warth, the first in series of creative works where some pretty amazing and talented authors like Ayla have chosen to provide you the viewer with the unique experience of being able to read a novel as it is being written. Wait ......

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