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After 61 years in the news business, 41 of them associated with The Sault Star as editor, Doug continues to share his passion for writing as a columnist since retirement.

Doug Millroy: A Woman’s Right to Choose

After a night of casual sex with a woman whose name he might not even know, a guy zips up and goes on his...

Millroy: Why Can’t Pat King Get Bail?

I absolutely abhorred the truckers’ so-called Freedom Convoy that occupied downtown Ottawa for three weeks beginning Jan. 28. And, since police didn’t appear to have...

Millroy: Shopping, not a playground, is what is needed to help the downtown

I think future city councils in the Sault will have a lot to learn from this one – specifically how not to do it...

Millroy: Bail or No Bail

When I read that Travis Parsons, one of two men involved in a shooting on Beverley Street on May 29 that put a man...

Millroy: Should You Pay To Fund Local News?

If they’re asking for handouts, does that mean local digital news sites are experiencing the same cash-flow problems that have taken down so many...

Millroy: The Problems Of Seeking Public Information

What seems to be a simple request for information has been denied by city police and is now at the inquiry stage of an...

Millroy: Get Your Tickets!

When Sault Area Hospital Foundation reworked its 50-50 draw at the start of this year, I thought it had done a pretty good job...

Millroy: “It appears to me that the Liberals blew it”

It is hard to believe that the Liberal Party in Sault Ste. Marie has fallen into such a state of disarray that it couldn’t...

Millroy: Convoy Donation Leads To $450,000 Lawsuit

A former senior Ontario government official is suing her former employer for $450,000 because she says she was fired from her job as a...

Millroy: The Politics of Prince Township

I suppose it is legal for a councillor to vote to fire an employee and then within less than a month later signal an...
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