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Karen Johns is an avid animal lover and activist. Karen loves the outdoors especially when she has her many animals surrounding her, from dogs and cats to squirrels and crows. Karen has been part of local media for decades working in television and online and has a huge following with her columns.

Is it Truly the End of the World as we Know it?

Trump has been President for seven days now, and already he is changing the world. What bothers me the most about this whole election is...

Just a Dog

He was just a young puppy when he was bought by a young couple at a pet store. They hadn't really thought much about...

Bad Chihuahua Breeder Alert

Leeanne Polvi is an animal lover. She had been looking for a chihuahua for some time. When someone called her last week and...

If you Love Cats Read This

When I was a young girl I always had a cat for a pet. It was always a male because my parents...

It’s Not So Bad Being a Criminal in Canada

I was very disturbed yesterday when I read online that 66-year-old Ian Ellis, a convicted child molester who lives in British Columbia...

Poop, Pouts, Porn and Pollution

I live on a nice street with nice neighbors. There are a lot of dog walkers in the area and they for the most...

Moral Progress Not Doing So Well

Gandhi is quoted as saying “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” If...

Stop Exploiting Animals for Profit

No one was happier than me when the Sault Ste Marie City council banned circus acts which included wild animals from performing in this...

Let’s Let Dogs be Dogs

Last week my husband and I were out driving when we saw a man walking a beautiful German Shepherd. My husband asked “why is...

To Vote, or Not to Vote

In just a few days we will be having a provincial election. Not everyone is happy about this. Millions of...
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