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Steffanie Petroni has dedicated a decade to researching and writing about the issues and people in Northern Ontario. Her work is often controversial as she delves into the heart of the matter while still ensuring that the background details are captured. In 2013 Steffanie received a National Journalism award from Beyond Borders ECPAT Canada for her investigative piece ‘Story of A Child Prostitute.’

Mayor Rejects Calls for Forensic Audit

Calls for a forensic audit to look into a controversial multi-million dollar loan from CMHC were met with cheers from over 300 Blind River...

Disabled Sault Woman Feels Pressured to Choose: Housing or Human Rights

A lot can happen in one week. Last week, Valerie Belsito was facing imminent homelessness when a situation of rent arrears quickly spiraled out...

Time To Ban Dogs From John Rowswell Hub Trail?

It's that time of the year when winter gives up it's hideous poopy secrets. Yes, the spring thaw is uncovering all those buried treasures...

Sault Ste. Marie MV-1 Dealer: Sweet Ride Plus Dignified

Oh yeah, this sweet ride provides canoodling options up in front for everyone! Introduced to the Sault just this past January, the MV-1 is a...

Homelessness Looms For Disabled Sault Ste. Marie Woman

Valerie Belsito is 47 years old and wheelchair bound. She relies on support from homecare services and her children to provide for her personal...

The City Offbeat: Roundabouts, Hub Trail Re-enactors and Shooting Stars

Happy April everyone! R.B. Shea covers some extra-special topics today- Roundabout proposed for Great Northern Road, Hub Trail project considers staging re-enactment actors along...

McFadden Acres Certified Organic Farm: Ladies and Gentleman, Meet Fannie!

We're hanging out with Fannie McFadden down on the farm all season long! McFadden Acres is a certified organic farm with all the trimmings...

Goodnight Sault Ste. Marie. Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite!

They've arrived and you might have not even been aware of it! Sault Ste. Marie has bed bugs and more so, the local bed...

Jailed Aboriginals In Excess: Gladue Workers Positioned in Northeastern Ontario

“The very first thing people need to know is that Gladue isn’t a ‘get out of jail free’ card. Gladue reports are about restorative...

Conservation Authority and City: What’s In Your Drinking Water?

Recently the Source Protection Plan Committee announced approval from the Ministry of the Environment to implement directives mandated by the province for the purposes...
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