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Thursday, April 22, 2021


Millroy: It is a good thing Premier Doug Ford never became a policeman

It is a good thing Premier Doug Ford never became a policeman because with his tendency to shoot first and think later there would...

Millroy: Should convicted killers admit to crime to become eligible for parole?

It appears the Parole Board of  Canada is continuing its insistence that convicted killers admit to their crime to become eligible for parole. Insisting on...

Doug Millroy: Two Stories That Make Me Glad I Live in Canada

Two stories, one aired and one published, from the United States really caught my attention last week. One, a rehash on Michael Smerconish’s show on...

I Smoked Weed… Once

I smoked weed... once. I realize this is no big deal for most people because they did this long before it became legal in...

Millroy: Waiting On Councillors , City For Answers

AS ANYONE WHO reads this column on a regular basis knows, I have never been happy that our traffic people allowed to stand the...

Millroy: LifeLabs and COVID-19 Vaccinations

My column for this week was all set in my mind; I was going to criticize LifeLabs for the long lines and long waits...

Millroy: Have I Gone Nuts

I never thought I would say this but I think I have gone nuts. I can’t think of any other reason for the frightening thought...

Millroy: Lockdowns Don’t Upset Me

As much as I hated not being able to move about freely and as much as I know small businesses were hurting from the...

We are in a war here

Along the way in this Covid adventure I read where no one should receive any criticism for contracting the coronavirus. It was a statement I...

Millroy: Trudeau does need to pull up his socks on this one

Prime Minister Trudeau is under some fire for his handling, or maybe that should be mishandling, of the Covid-19 vaccine purchase and rollout and...


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