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Sault Ste. Marie
Wednesday, May 17, 2023


Millroy: It Took 12 Years But Finally Got Done

The City of Sault Ste. Marie council passed Off-Road Vehicle and Motorized Snow Vehicle by-laws with little fanfare recently. I thought there should have been...

Millroy: Should Politics Be Part of Sports?

When it comes to sports competitions, it seems that the focus of international organizations in regard to the war between Ukraine and Russia war...

Millroy: A State’s Thirst for a Bloody Vengeance

Officials in the United States are somewhat preoccupied these days with the spate of gun-related killings that have been taking place across the country,...

Millroy: Fox News, “loose association with the truth”

Fox News is the highest-rated cable news source in the United States but because of its loose association with the truth, if indeed there...

Millroy: Tougher Smoking Laws Don’t Include Vaping

New Zealand recently passed what appears to be the strongest anti-smoking legislation in the world. The law states that tobacco can't ever be sold to...

Millroy: Beware of Ads on Facebook

A couple of personal items to start off this week, my gripe with Facebook and its non-policing of the advertising it allows on my...

Millroy: Charter rights be damned, the court seemed to be saying

It seems the Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects you from evidence obtained illegally being used against you, except when it doesn’t. Most of you...

Millroy: Potholes and Insurance Companies

You may think you have had trouble with potholes, maybe losing a tire and a rim in contact. Well, when you read this I think...

Millroy: New Law For Those Wrongly Convicted

After seeing the dashing of so many of his hopes to be freed from the shackles of lifetime parole for a murder he had...

Millroy: Woke – Positive or Negative?

When planting my feet on the floor after I woke up one day last week, I winced. The painful plantar fasciitis in my left...


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