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Thursday, April 22, 2021


Ayla-Rose Warth
UFE Tagona Press and SaultOnline are proud to present The Crux, a terrific story created by Ayla-Rose Warth. For lovers of a great, fast-paced, creative narrative that combines imagination, intrigue and wonderful uncertainty about just what might happen next – The Crux will engage, and entertain you. Over the next 4 months, Ayla will be publishing The Crux as part of...


Morning Show Greig Nori on the Music City

Music City, Sault Ste. Marie… the time is now

We live in tumultuous times. Political campaigns seemingly avoid serious debate about the issues that really matter. Leaders of all stripes each express faux regrets concerning ‘the nastiest, most divisive campaign in Canadian history’,...
The Moanin Frogs

‘Some Moanin’ Frogs near the River’ – Algoma Conservatory Concert Series October 20, 2019

The ‘Moanin’ Frogs’ … this chamber music ensemble name spawned some admittedly odd thoughts when I first scanned the Conservatory Concert Series program two months ago. Amphibian mating calls? Squishy bad ends for luckless,...
Harvest Moon

Under a Sault Harvest Moon…

Last Friday I made my way to the Water Tower Inn to watch a band. I had been told by Greig Nori that it was a group of local musicians who get together about...
The Miró Quartet

The Miró Quartet – a Sault Impression

The Sault Canada Algoma Conservatory Concerts have a well-deserved national reputation for sustained, often stunning classical music excellence. The Austin, Texas based Miró Quartet and their September 15 performance in the gorgeous, timeless Mill...
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