Christmas Cheer ~ Unsung Heroine Diane Marshall

Recently I met with Diane Marshall convener for Christmas Cheer another organization in Sault Ste. Marie operated entirely by volunteers. Thanks to their efforts with...
Unsung Hero ~ Gerry Luxton

Gerry Luxton ~ An Unsung Hero contributing to the quality of life of many

Gerry Luxton Gerry Luxton is another Volunteer who quietly is contributing to the quality of life for many people in the Sault. Gerry, a Sault native,...

“Sault Ste Marie’s Best Kept Secret”, Sault Search and Rescue Unit Inc.

Sault Search and Rescue Unit Inc. “Sault Ste Marie’s Best Kept Secret” It’s difficult to imagine such a dedicated volunteer organization contributing such valuable service to...

Unsung Hero: Dave Chiasson

Dave Chiasson Dave is another Volunteer in the Sault who quietly contributes to the benefit of our community. I met Dave after joining the Algoma...
Unsung Heroine Carrie Jones

Every Stitch Helps, Unsung Heroine Carrie Jones

It is extremely interesting to discover volunteers who are contributing quietly to the community. Carrie Jones is another Sault citizen who is volunteering her...
Women's Hockey League

Unsung Heroine’s Lorie Springall & Sharon Buehner – Women’s Hockey League

Here's another story about 2 outstanding women volunteers in Sault Ste. Marie. Unsung Heroine’s Lorie Springall and Sharon Buehner organize manage and also play...
A Story of Inspiration - Wu Chun Jun

Wu Chun Jun, A Story of Inspiration

While I was working in China I had the opportunity to witness the phenomenal changes in China as a result of their economic growth. My...
Unsung Heroes - Janice Ferguson

Unsung Heroes – At Home an Abroad

Unsung Heroin∼ Janice Ferguson While visiting with my son Andrew in Australia I met his Mother-in-Law Janice Ferguson who spent almost 17 years as a...

Unsung Heroes – Days For Girls

Days For Girls On Saturday mornings at the Zion Lutheran Church a wonderful operation called DAYS FOR GIRLS unfolds. Under the leadership of Gabi Doleske ,...
Holly Wickett

Unsung Heroine: Holly Wickett

Holly Wickett Holly is another rare individual who believes that caring for and giving to others is one of life’s more important missions. She recognized this...