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Sault Ste. Marie
Thursday, March 23, 2023


URBAN MATTERS: SAULT 311 or Outdated Analog City Management System.

Sudbury, as many other cities have done, has implemented a 311 Customer Service Management System (CRM). These 311 CRM systems are designed to aggregate all...
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URBAN MATTERS Vet Med School to T. Bay, another Sault EDC Miss!

We had many citizens express their concern and exasperation that they cannot find a Veterinary Clinic that will take their pet(s) as clients. This issue,...

URBAN MATTERS: Downtown Plaza; City Auditor Needed!

The City of Sudbury has installed an “Office of the Auditor General” for the explicate reason to ensure “Value for Taxpayer Money Spent”. When Mr....

URBAN MATTERS: Bill 23 – More Homes “Attainable Homes” Built Faster Act

A Bill intended to get more “Attainable Homes” built unilaterally imposes changes to municipalities in Ontario. The Bill intends to speed up the approval process...
Sault Centre Blighted House

URBAN MATTERS: Department of Demolition Needed

We would not be the first City to have a Department Of Demolition. Southern Michigan Cities like Detroit, Flint, Saginaw and Midland have employed...

URBAN MATTERS:  Contaminated Derelict Hospital Site Never Taken Seriously!

In 2012 our Civic Administration leaders sought to conveniently pass the problem of decontaminating, demolishing and remediating the Old Hospital Site by selling it...

URBAN MATTERS – St. Veronica’s School Planning Homework NOT DONE!

A recent visit to the now burnt out St. Veronica’s School prompted neighbours to approach me and ask what I was doing.  I told...

URBAN MATTERS: A 65-unit mixed affordable apartment building downtown Sault Mich.

SAULT STE. MARIE — A ribbon cutting was hosted on Wednesday to celebrate the grand opening of Osborn Commons in downtown Sault Ste. Marie,...

URBAN MATTERS – Putting all our time and eggs in the Plaza Basket!

Over the past number of years our Dep. CAO Mr. Tom Vair has been the number one proponent of the Downtown Plaza.  Recently there...

URBAN MATTERS: De-Valuing and De-Monetizing the Hub Trail

Our Hub Trial, the envy of every city in Ontario, is currently under City Planning Review to move the main core of the Hub...