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Bon Soo 2014 – Day 2

With an absolutely beautiful sunny day, we set out first thing Saturday morning towards a valiant effort to visit as many events as possible....

Bon Soo 2014 – Opening Day

With the sun out in full force, I took the opportunity to head on down to the Bon Soo Tim Hortons Winter Playground at...

Get Ready… Bon Soo!!!

Bum Slides... check | Food... check | Custom Heater... check With less than 2 hours until this year's Bon Soo Scotiabank Opening Ceremonies, you're...

Bon Soo 2014 Under the Big Top!

Yes you heard us right! This years' Bon Soo Carnival returns to the downtown core located at the Roberta Bondar Pavilion and themed "Under...

Snowarama’s 40th Anniversary

Sault Trailblazers Working Overtime for Snowarama's 40th Anniversary Media Release Recent snow squalls ensure great conditions for snowmobilers! With less than two weeks before...

Tami: Episode 20 Season 2

Tami is met by her lawyer at the Police station. An unexpected twist changes everything.

Pretend it’s Summer in the Sault and Win $100

Sault Online is running a photo contest where you can win some cool cash prizes to warm you up this winter. Simply send in...

New Years Eve Festivities

First and foremost, the team here at Sault Online would like to wish everyone a very joyous, prosperous and SAFE New Year! If you're...

Tami: Episode 19 Season 2

Claire forces Jen to make a phone call against her will, Mario comes home with Claire. Coreen and Yami make a proposition to Shaylan...

Tami: Episode 18 Season 2

Mario is held at gunpoint, Jen escapes from the motel room where Claire was keeping her.