Day 16 – Organize (Podcast) with Julie Hryniewicz

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Day 15 – Nature (Podcast) with Julie Hryniewicz Additional Facebook Photos Community Blog Link

Day 14 – Manifest (Podcast) with Julie Hryniewicz Community Blog link. Additional and related photos on Facebook.

Day 13 – Live (Podcast) with Julie Hryniewicz

Millroy: Gun Control Measures… Go All Out

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said this week that the Liberals will be promising more gun-control measures during the upcoming election campaign but he declined...

Day 12 – Karma (Podcast) with Julie Hryniewicz

"Karma - what goes around comes around.  Keep your circle positive.  Say good words.  Think good thoughts.  Do good deeds." ~ Author Unknown Day 12's...

Day 11 – Joy (Podcast) with Julie Hryniewicz

Even when we are feeling exhausted and drained, we can notice joy.  Even when we are dealing with adversity, we can notice joy.  Even...

Day 10 – Ideas (Podcast) with Julie Hryniewicz

Day 10's 3 1/2 minute podcast touches on the topic of ideas.  Are we using our full brain capacity?  Are we implementing all of...

Day 9 – Highlights (Podcast) with Julie Hryniewicz

Are we focusing on the good stuff or the challenging stuff?  Since our brain looks for evidence of what we believe, it is essential...

Day 8 – Gratitude (Podcast) with Julie Hryniewicz

"What if you woke up today with only the things you were grateful for yesterday?" ~ Author Unknown Today is Day 8 and here is...