Ontario is CLOSED!

Doug Ford and the Ontario government are closing Ontario effective 11:59 pm on Tuesday.  Essential services and businesses will stay open. The Ontario government will...

Major Winter Storm Heading Our Way Next Week!

Brace yourselves, Winter is about to return to normal in Northeastern Ontario. A Fairly large storm system, currently sitting in the Pacific ocean is...
forest fire

Forest Fires Close Hwy 17 North near Marathon and Hwy 11 near Hearst

7:35pm UPDATE: Power is out in White River and we are attempting to verify whether it may be planned due to fire, or caused...

Pets Can’t Be Banned In Rental Units

Ontario is introducing a new, simple standard lease that will be mandatory for private residential leases signed on or after April 30, 2018, including tenancies in...

Update: Winning ticket drawn – 656764.

The big night is here! Sault Ste. Marie will have a new millionaire by the end of tonight and you can watch all the...

Taxpayers may be on the hook for billions in defaulted mortgages

With interest rates and house prices on the rise, some believe the country is headed towards a housing bubble, such as the one seen...

Staggering Wave Heights Expected on Lake Superior

A deepening low pressure system that has prompted wind warnings all around Lake Superior will show us all that Lake Superior acts more like...

Male charged with second degree murder has long list of dangerous crimes

The man charged with the first homicide in Sault Ste. Marie for 2017 is well known by city police and the courts. Cody Quesnel 24,...

New Update: One man dead in Highway 17 incident, Highway now open

Update 12 NOON: OPP advise that the highway is now re-opened. Update 10:30am: On May 7, 2017, shortly after 4:00 a.m., the East Algoma Provincial...

Gas Prices Set To Go Up

It appears the prices at the pumps have bottomed out and will now start to head back up. That according to Dan McTeague, president of...
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