Precious Blood Lottery - The Journey

Join The Journey – Precious Blood Cathedral Lottery

Winners announced on : web site   The Journey is a plan to create a Gathering Place for all, which will be an inviting, restorative...
Skating Rinks in Sault Ste Marie

Ice skating rinks in Sault Ste Marie

Zooming around on the ice is a great way to spend some time with the family as well as get some winter exercise at...

Tami: Episode 16 Season 2

Yami and Coreen makes sure Clive doesn't find Shaylan, Mike and Kevin plan to expose the Witch's in the Sault and Mario heads home...

Tami: Episode 15 Season 2

Tami gets a visit from the police surrounding Sandra when she finds out they have located a body. A showdown between Yami and Clive...

Tami: Episode 14 Season 2

In the Season 2 Premiere, Tami is distraught that Sandra fell over the cliff and fears she's the prime suspect in the investigation. Shaylan...
A Christmas Parade isn't a Christmas Parade without Santa

Parade of Lights Event Illuminates Echo Bay – Gallery

 It was a very chilly evening in Echo Bay, but the warmth of the community was evident as I attended the Parade of Lights...

Tami: Episode 13 Season 1 Finale

In the Season 1 Finale, Tami and Mario head to the alter, An evil warlock gives Shaylan and ultimatum and a cat fight leads...

Tami: Episode 12 Season 1

All things are set for Mario and Tami's wedding. The Witch's council restores Yami's powers but keeps her daughter Shaylan the doll. Claire is...

Tami: Episode 11 Season 1

Mario continues with his plan to marry Tami while Claire tracks him down. Yami awaits a verdict at the Witch's council.

Tami: Episode 10 Season 1

Mario proposes to Tami, meanwhile someone from Mario's past could destroy his plans. Yami gets into trouble with the Witch's council.