Tami: Episode 9 Season 1

Tami drinks a special potion that makes her fall in love with Mario.

Tami: Episode 8 Season 1

An unexpected guest shows up at Tami's door. Yami and Mario's plan to get rid of Tami continues.

Tami: Episode 7 Season 1

Yami launches a new plan now that it has been revealed that her and Shaylan are Mother and Daughter and witches. Tami's sister Dr....

Tami: Episode 6 Season 1

In the mid season finale, Tami arrives home to a crazed Sandra. Shaylan follows Mike into an abandoned brewery where all is revealed. Sandra...

Tami: Episode 5 Season 1

Shaylan gets more clues on Yami's whereabouts, Sandra continues to hear voices telling her to kill Tami.

Tami: Episode 4 Season 1

Tami and Shaylan head to Nashville while Sandra stays back and rests at Tami's home. Tami runs into someone in Nashville and Sandra starts...

Tami: Episode 3 Season 1

Shaylan begins her search for Tami's twin sister Yami. Meanwhile Sandra is found on the side of the highway and her state worries Tami...
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Bringing Families Together During the Holiday Season

(Media Release) Sault Area Hospital (SAH) is pleased to announce that two local hotels are offering complimentary rooms to patient families in need this...

Tami: Episode 2 Season 1

Tami and Shaylan go looking for Sandra and are shocked what they discover.

Tami: Season 1 Episode 1

Unfortunately Episode 1 of the series is no longer available for viewing. Synopsis of Episode 1: Shaylan and Tami are packing for a trip to Nashville...