New Years Eve Festivities

First and foremost, the team here at Sault Online would like to wish everyone a very joyous, prosperous and SAFE New Year! If you're...

Club Calabrese Performs at Station Mall December 18 2013
Stiffler's Mom and Craig West

Stiffler’s Mom Rocks Docks – Craig West Plays LopLops

Docks received a double dose of the Stiffler's Mom boys this weekend bringing their own version of rock and roll...

LopLops is Celebrating their First Decade Anniversary

LopLops has an incredible musical lineup that is sure to please even the most sophisticated ears this week as they celebrate a decade of...

What does the Moose, Esquire Club & Rock Star Bar have in common?

A great evening celebrating my son's 19th Birthday! Friday, Nov. 8th, 2013 Everybody remembers their 19th birthday milestone - some with huge smiles and...
bushplane zombie

From Zombies to Well Placed Pies

This past weekend kicked off an exciting start to this year's Halloween festivities. The Arts Council of Sault Ste. Marie & District held their 5th...

10 Things to do this Weekend for Oct. 25

If someone were to ask me my opinion on what a perfect date would be, I would always answer that it's the weekend...
cheryl alleway signing

From Books to Bands

After hearing about a local author who was holding a book signing down at the East Street Library this past Saturday, I made it...

10 Things to do this Weekend for Sept. 27th

In our ever vigilant battle with the sinister DR. BOREDOM, we here at Sault Online have come up with an ingenious plan to...

10 Things to do this Weekend for Oct. 11th

With everyone's mind on how to slip that second helping of Thanksgiving Dinner in while somehow avoiding even more hours spent at the...