Ontario is CLOSED!

Doug Ford and the Ontario government are closing Ontario effective 11:59 pm on Tuesday.  Essential services and businesses will stay open. The Ontario government will...

Local veterinary clinic says parvovirus is here as well as Michigan

Black Road Veterinary Services sent us an update on the gastrointestinal issue that has been happening in Northern Michigan which it is saying is...

Mother issues warning after child nearly dies

A regular night at work for Susan Crack turned to panic, fear and then gratitude after her son nearly died. On Monday, November 22, 2021,...
Tia Fleming

“I won’t let her be a statistic” Tia’s story

Tia Fleming, 31, was an aspiring nurse, esthetician, friend, mother and a daughter. “I just looked on to March Street and there was police cruisers...

A ‘Pre-lockdown party” the rest of the story

So first things first, no we were not censored in an article published this past Wednesday evening. However, I was made aware of an...

My Sault Hospital Experience: A study in incompetence

Over the Christmas season, I visited the Sault Area Hospital Emergency Room because my doctor lost his license to practice medicine. What an amazing...

TAAG Urges Public to Be Aware of Local Cat Breeder

Buyer beware when adopting kittens in Sault Ste. Marie, The Animal Assistance Group, otherwise known as TAAG, warns. In November of 2019, TAAG was called...

Friday Overdose claims life of a Grandmother

In the early evening hours of Friday, January 29th a women lost her battle with drugs in the 100 block of James Street. Some inside...
Sault Area Hospitals

Sault Health Care Worker Tests Positive for COVID-19

On April 17, the Sault Area Hospital (SAH) received confirmation that one of their health care workers tested positive for COVID-19. SAH is actively working...
sault police

Updated – Sudden Death Investigation ongoing

A situation we have been made aware of, has police confirming they are currently investigating. Multiple people have reached out to us to claim at...
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