Millroy: “It appears to me that the Liberals blew it”

It is hard to believe that the Liberal Party in Sault Ste. Marie has fallen into such a state of disarray that it couldn’t...
letter to the editor

Letter: A History Lesson

The following reader submitted letter and video  surrounds the current Carpenter's strike. History Lesson Who was one of the main players in starting a Union in...

Letter: Truckers for Safer Highways Re: Election

Dear Editor, With the Provincial election underway we think it's necessary to point out the serious issues plaguing the commercial transportation industry. This is certainly...

Millroy: Convoy Donation Leads To $450,000 Lawsuit

A former senior Ontario government official is suing her former employer for $450,000 because she says she was fired from her job as a...

Millroy: The Politics of Prince Township

I suppose it is legal for a councillor to vote to fire an employee and then within less than a month later signal an...

Op-Ed: The Plaza Must NOT Be Funded

ENOUGH!!! Funding this Downtown Plaza at this time in our history is irresponsible. You are putting the cart before the horse in attempting to build the...

Urban Matters: Station Mall too Important to Fall!

It’s been quite sometime now that the two major anchors of Station Mall have been empty. During a recent visit to the Mall, I...

How $350 can simplify your life and make you toast

Many will argue that a toaster is a necessary piece of kitchen equipment. You may get the basic version of the appliance to toast...

Behind the Lens: What The ______?

They don't lie to you because the truth might hurt your feelings, they lie to you because the truth might provoke you to make...

Which smart assistant is best?

Google Assistant Google Assistant is likely the most intelligent and active of the personal assistants. Debuting in 2016 as an extension of Google Now, it currently...
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