Grass Fire Season Begins

A small grass fire can quickly grow out of control with dry and windy conditions, a Garden River homeowner found out Saturday afternoon. The homeowner...

There is Room for Two

During a trip to the local Farmer's Market at the Pavilion, I took the opportunity to speak to some local growers and some buyers. According...

Paralympic Hero Mac Marcoux honoured by his Former School

Mac Marcoux's love of speed carried him to Canada’s first gold medal of the 2018 Pyeongchang Paralympic Games. The visually impaired skier has been...

Ten People Rounded Up By City Police For Great Algoma Lock Up

About ten unexpected people got the shock of their lives today when they were arrested by City Police. Their crimes ranged from laughing too much...

Cannabis and the Workplace – A Millworks Workshop

With the Canadian government allowing the use of recreational cannabis back in October, it raised many questions for consumers, parents, and of course, employers. Registered...

Lovito at the Pavilion

What do you get when you mix great musicians from two different bands, LOVITO. In their initial appearance, Lovito played up a storm at the...

GameONN Sports Update – January 16th

GameONN host Alex Parr provides a quick sports update each day during the week, to make sure you’re in the loop. Catch GameONN every Friday...

Tami: Episode 44 Season 4

Heidi visits Yolanda, Tami starts drinking and then hears Nick, Mario returns home only to find Luigi is back in town too.

Tami: Episode 39 Season 3

Yami and Carrie-Anne clash, meanwhile Tami declares war on Yolanda and Clive. Claire runs into Lucy at the drug store.