Catch the Ace!

    catch the ace

    Are you looking for something new and exciting in Sault Ste. Marie?
    Well, look no further!

    The George Wellington Esquire Club is excited to announce that CATCH THE ACE
    at the Esquire Club has returned!

    (until the Ace is caught)
    Tickets on Sale: 6pm – 9pm
    Draw Time: 9:30pm

    $5.00 each

    Guaranteed one lucky participant to go home with more money than they arrived with!

    Catch the Ace is a lottery with all proceeds generously being donated to local charities.  All proceeds from Catch the Ace will be split between Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sault Ste. Marie and Group Health Centre Trust Fund. The funds raised will directly benefit our community by providing important programs for youth in our community and the purchase of much-needed medical equipment.  Our hope is that you, your friends and family, organizations and colleagues will join us to make this event a huge success.

    catch the ace• Players 19+ purchase tickets the same day as the draw.

    • If their ticket is drawn, they win the guaranteed weekly prize (20% of ticket sales), plus the chance to pick a playing card!

    • If the Ace of Spades is drawn, the winner walks away with the progressive jackpot!

    When the Ace of Spades remains in play, the jackpot carries over to the next week, and Catch the Ace continues. The progressive nature of the lottery means that for each week the Ace is not picked the jackpot increases!

    Catch the Ace Group Play Form
    Forms available for pickup at the Esquire Club or by emailing

    To make it even easier to win the Esquire club is offering Group Play!

    Group Play is a great way to enjoy the fun and support local charities, even if you aren’t able to make it every Sunday! Group Play provides the opportunity for “groups” to purchase of multiple tickets, split the winnings and only the “Group Captain” is required to be in attendance to purchase tickets and claim the winnings!

    Contact Dom at the Esquire Club, Rebecca of Big Brothers Big Sisters or Teresa at Group Health Centre Trust Fund to learn more about Group Play.

    SO… Drop In The George Wellington Esquire Club an enjoy some fantastic wings, a cold drink, a great atmosphere and the chance to win some money every Sunday afternoon beginning Sunday, October 1st, while raising funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Sault Ste. Marie and Group Health Centre Trust Fund.

    The George Wellington Esquire Club
    Giving back to the community is nothing new for the ownership group of this registered not for profit (since 1948!).  Domenica Braido, husband “Boomer” Braido, Matt Patreau and Rob Wilson have been supporting community organizations and partners and continuing the good works of former owner, Carol Wierzbicki; giving back over $200,000 (and counting!) since 2007 when the group purchased the Club. 

    The George Wellington Esquire Club mandate is to help community partners, especially where children’s focus is complimented. The Esquire Club has further contributed over $160,000 to kids hockey leagues and soccer teams, and $45,000 to softball team sponsorships.


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