CLOSED MAR. 14TH – APRIL 5TH ~ Daily Free Activities for Children & Families

    Poster courtesy of the EarlyOn Child and Family Centre

    EarlyOn Child and Family Centres are open to all families. They are welcoming places that offer a range of activities and services for children, parents and caregivers, which include:

    • fun activities such as reading, storytelling, sing-alongs, games & more;
    • connecting with other families with young children;
    • finding out about other family services in your community; and
    • getting advice from professionals trained in early childhood development.

    Services Are FREE, Some Require Registration BUT Welcoming To ALL!

    French Fridays!
    Join us for French Programming each Friday morning, sing songs and read stories, all in the French language.

    Monday, March 2 – Counting Fish with Dr. Seuss
    Tuesday, March 3 – Tasty Pastry Making
    Wednesday, March 4 – Vegetable Taste Test
    Thursday, March 5 – Scented Collage
    Friday, March 6 – Exploring the Alphabet
    Explorons l’alphabet
    Saturday, March 7 – Program Closed

    Monday, March 9 – Frozen Dress Up
    Tuesday, March 10 – Rainbow Sensory Play
    Wednesday, March 11 – Fruit Taste Test
    Thursday, March 12 – Skittles Rainbow Experiment
    Friday, March 13 – Painting with Whipped Cream
    Peinturons avec de la crème fouettée
    Saturday, March 14 – Program Closed

    Monday, March 16 – St. Patrick’s Day Playdough
    Tuesday, March 17 – Edible Rainbow Necklaces
    Wednesday, March 18 – Grass Seed Creations
    Thursday, March 19 – Recycled Sun Catchers
    Friday, March 20 – Alphabet 3D Art
    Art 3D de l’alphabet
    Saturday, March 21– Program Open

    Monday, March 23 – Exploring Roots & Growing Seeds
    Tuesday, March 24 – Oobleck & Strainer Sensory Experiments
    Wednesday, March 25 – Feather Painting
    Thursday, March 26 – Hot Cocoa Cloud Dough
    Friday, March 27 – Fruit Salad Creations
    Créations de salade aux fruits
    Saturday, March 28 – Program Open

    Monday, March 30 – Exploring the Wind
    Tuesday, March 31 – Bright Colours Floor Mural
    Babywearing of Algoma & La Leche League 1:30 p.m.

    Please Note:

    • Socks or indoor shoes are required while visiting the centre.
    • Peanut Free Zone- For the safety of children who have life-threatening peanut allergies, please do not bring peanuts/nut products into the centre.

    For More Information or to Register for a Program Please Call 705) 945-8898 Ext. 324

    Poster courtesy of EarlyOn Child and Family Centre


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