Late and Loud: The Return

    October 10, 2019 @ 8:00 pm
    The RockK Starr Barr
    864 Queen St E
    Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 2B4
    Joshua Hatherley

    Late and Loud: The Return

    In a time long ago, four great wizards descended from their four great mountains. They came to the world of man; ravaged by demons. Upon their backs they brought their tools: the shredding lutes, the mighty axe, and the drum thunder of the Gods. For a time they battled and the land was made safe. Seeing their work done, they set aside their tools and returned to their mountains. An age passes ~

    The disappearance of the wizards left the world quiet, but not all was at peace. The world where the wizards once walked did not sit idle, and many a great event occurred. Now, in its hour of greatest need the Earth cries out across the aether to the wizards. To come. To fight. To rock.

    And the wizards heard the cries of the Earth. And they did return.

    TLDR; Late & Loud is back baby and playing a show at it’s old stomping grounds, the Rockk Starr Barr on Thursday, October 10th. This is a show raising money for the wedding of Benn Garside and Jamie Vanschooneveld.
    Tickets are 10$ at the door.
    Specials guests include DJ Seith featuring Planet Rock.


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