Little Black Dress Challenge- Registration now open!


    Members are RAVING about the LITTLE BLACK DRESS VERSION 2.0!

    Our last session was so successful, we are listening to the demand and running it again one more time before summer! It’s perfect timing if you have a graduation coming up and you want to look your best in your dress!

    You will get…

    5 weeks of meal plans with delicious and easy to prepare recipes and grocery shopping lists.

    3 calorie-scorching, fat-burning, muscle toning group workouts each week in 360FIT sessions with a fitness trainer. Each training session is 45 minutes.

    Emailed Inspiration & Motivation!

    Before & After measurements and body composition analysis.

    A fun, friendly and motivating competition with prizes!
    $229* (includes a bonus full gym membership during the challenge!)

    *Subject to applicable taxes

    Time slots available are: (choose one)
    Session 1- 6am Mon/Wed/Fri
    Session 2- 12:10pm Mon/Wed/Fri
    Session 3- 4:45 Mon/Wed/Thurs
    Session 4- 5:45 Mon/Wed/Thurs
    Session 5- OPEN (can be different days/times each week- See Schedule of times offered in comments!)

    Our next session starts on Monday, May 6th and runs for 5 weeks until June 9th!

    Don’t wait too long, our last session sold out quickly!

    Call us at 705-253-2348 or click the link below to register and guarantee your spot!


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