SESQUI Cinematic Dome Tour


    SESQUI Cinematic Dome Tour
    July 16 – July 20

    In partnership with Ontario150 and the City of Sault Ste. Marie, SESQUI will bring its immersive cinematic dome to Sault Ste. Marie as its fourth city in its summer tour, with free screenings of the 360° film HORIZON. The 80-seat dome will be located in Station Mall and exhibit HORIZON 21 times per day from Sunday, July 16th to Thursday, July 20th, 2017.

    The cutting edge cinematic dome will offer audiences of all ages a true 360° immersive experience of the 22-minute film HORIZON, with scenes shot in every province and territory, showcasing Canada’s awe-inspiring landscapes, diversity of perspectives, artistic talents and the people that call Canada home. The film features over 380 on-screen performers and a soundtrack of both original and contemporary Canadian music.

    Designed to inspire and captivate, HORIZON is a visually stunning journey through Canada that will amplify the senses, giving audiences a front row seat to the wonders of our country. Participants will take a ride on an illuminated dragon boat on the Rideau Canal and be enveloped by the spectacular Northern Lights, among 90 other breathtaking scenes.

    All admission is free and lineups are first come, first serve.

    Sunday, July 16th – 12pm-10pm
    Monday, July 17th – 12pm-10pm
    Tuesday, July 18th – 12pm-10pm
    Wednesday, July 19th – 12pm-10pm
    Thursday, July 20th – 10am-7:30pm

    We expect Sunday to be the busiest. Please plan your visit accordingly.

    SESQUI is supported by the province of Ontario as part of a line-up of Ontario 150 celebrations taking place across the province in 2017. SESQUI is also a Canada 150 Signature Initiative, supported by the Government of Canada.

    The SESQUI immersive dome tour will include a set of experiences, games, giveaways and activations from SESQUI and other Canada 150, media and local partners. The HORIZON film will be exhibited in more than 25 communities across Canada this summer through our travelling dome, fixed full-dome facilities and VR installations. The film will also be formatted for virtual reality and available through MERIDIAN VR, a free mobile app, launching May 2017.

    For further information on Sault Ste Marie’s SESQUI cinematic dome tour stop, please visit