Theatrical Production of Kenneth Lonergan’s “This is Our Youth”

    This is Our Youth
    Poster courtesy of In Your Eyes Projects Performance Arts/Theatre
    September 5, 2018 @ 8:00 pm
    The Shingwauk Auditorium @ Algoma University
    1520 Queen St E
    Sault Ste. Marie, ON P6A 2G4
    Adult $30, Senior $25, Students $15

    In Your Eyes Production of This is Our Youth

    ~Loretta Durat & Joseph Lauzon~
    Producer: Tom Brandstetter and Bob Cooper

    The Shingwauk Auditorium @ Algoma University

    In 1982, on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the wealthy, articulate pot-smoking teenagers who were small children in the ’60s have emerged as young adults in a country that has just resoundingly rejected everything they were brought up to believe in. The very last wave of New York City’s ’60s-style Liberalism has come of age—and there’s nowhere left to go.

    In meticulous, hilarious, and agonizing detail, THIS IS OUR YOUTH follows forty-eight hours of three very lost young souls in the big city at the dawn of the Reagan Era: Warren Straub, a dejected nineteen-year-old who steals fifteen thousand dollars from his abusive lingerie-tycoon father; Dennis Ziegler, the charismatic domineering drug-dealing friend who helps him put the money to good use; and Jessica Goldman, the anxiously insightful young woman Warren yearns for.

    Funny, painful, and compassionate, THIS IS OUR YOUTH is a living snapshot of the moment between adolescence and adulthood when many young people first go out into the world on their own, armed only with the ideas and techniques they developed as teenagers—ideas and techniques far more sophisticated than their parents ever realize, and far less effectual than they themselves can possibly imagine.  Dramatists Play Service

    This play contains strong language and mature content that is not suitable for children.


    Adult $30
    Senior $25
    Students $15
    Groups over 10:  Adult$25/Senior $20/Students$10

    Purchase your tickets online CLICK HERE (**please note: Online Handling Fee ($2.50 per ticket or item Incl. HST)

    Tickets are available at the Box Office in the Station Mall, by telephone at 705-945-7299, or online at Community Theatre Box Office Hours: Tuesday – Friday 10:45am – 5:15pm

    ABOUT: In Your Eyes Projects Performance Arts is an incorporated not for profit organization founded by Joseph Lauzon and Loretta Durat in 2015.  IYE is a theatre company dedicated to bringing seminal works that have garnered world wide acclaim to Sault Ste. Marie. We are proud to be one of many performing arts companies in Northern Ontario. We love to explore new ideas so please feel free to contact us using our contact page here!

    ​Our name, In Your Eyes Projects was inspired by our belief that live performance has the distinct advantage of having performer and audience in the same space and that shared experience/communal act has the potential to resonate as stories and ideas are explored together.  “A vital theatrical exchange is one in which the audience feels both influenced by, and influential within, a performance…a desire to share in the risk of live performance.” Tannahill


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