A Proud Part of our Community… we are here because of you!

Dear Readers/Viewers,

We can’t thank our business community enough for the support they have given us as we grew from a humble online community events resource to what Superior Media has become today. Our next generation converged media platform, comprised of and ONNtv, now attracts well over 120k users each and every month, from not only our local area, but across Canada and the globe as friends and family enjoy keeping up with what’s happening in and around their beloved home towns.

Just who is Superior Media?

We are a very passionate and community focused team made up of over a dozen talented people who live right here and firmly believe in supporting our community. Reporters, directors, producers, on-air personalities and marketing specialists who thoroughly enjoy the career paths they have chosen.

How can you help ensure our local platforms continue to serve our communities?

The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly impacted us all. These unprecedented times have seen many of our traditional supporters struggling to survive under the weight of restrictions and shut-downs. These measures have not only impacted their revenues, but their ability to continue to support us as well. In addition, escalating costs for just about everything continue to add the proverbial salt to wounds.

Since the onset of COVID-19, many of our readers/viewers have inquired about ways they can help support not only our platforms, but local businesses and organizations who have come to rely on us to “help get the word out there”.

Despite many national and localized digital media platforms supplementing lost advertising revenues by implementing paywalls which restrict the amount of content you can access without paying for a subscription, we just can’t see ourselves following down this path. We sincerely take pride in becoming your source for local/provincial news, weather, sports, events and feel-good stories.

Have we toyed around in our heads with variations of the above mentioned paywalls in an effort to help make ends meet? We’d be lying if we told you otherwise, but that has only led us to the following alternative which would also help supplement lost revenues while continuing to help our local businesses and charitable organizations.


You too can help support our passionate and community focused team through a one-time or recurring voluntary subscription.

How much?

Well that is totally up to you as every dollar will definitely help to ensure we can continue to publish the stories and information so many have come to rely on. Your voluntary subscription will directly benefit our team, their families and so many others throughout our community.

Will I still have to see banner ads?

YES, and we encourage you to take a moment or two to glance at or even click on these banners. The people behind them are fellow community members and their families who also rely on us all for their livelihoods. They have, and continue to, directly support unrestricted access to the content we publish and services we provide to our Community.

Again, we can’t thank our supporters enough for everything they do!!!

-The Superior Media Team