Putt It In


Game Description

Putt It In is an awesome flash crazy-golf game where you can either play solo or against a friend, the objective of the game is to putt your ball into the hole with the least number of attempts possible. Try to figure out the course and try to get a hole-in-one. The general strategy here is to know the terrain and take control of the putting strength. It is now time you select a game mode, pick a character and name then get putting! Know your strength, calculate every angle, and become a champion! Now time to get yourself on the golf course.


  1. Use your mouse to drop the ball.
  2. Move your mouse to select desired angle as well as how hard to hit the ball. The farther away from the ball you move your pointer, the harder you will hit the ball.
  3. When ready, simply click on your left mouse button to take the shot!