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tami-feb-24Yes you heard it right, the Sault has it’s own locally produced soap opera! Now in it’s fifth season, “Tami” follows the life of it’s main character Tami Rydall who is a popular internet and tv star right here in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. Along with Tami Rydall who also produces the show, the soap stars local actors including, Sandra Dunn,Andy Martens, , Aubrey Falls, Kevin Collar, Calna McGoldrick, Laurie Jarret, Mario Rocchetta, Angela Pezzotti Mike Caruso and several others in reoccurring roles.

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Directed by: Craig Huckerby


Tami: Episode 75 (Season Finale)

Season 6 finale finds Mario giving in and settling with Claire, Bev hides the truth about Luigi, Francis and Alan have a close encounter and Frank tries to arrest DiAngelo

Tami : Episode 74

Bev and Claire find out what happened to Luigi, Tami and Yolanda have words at Emma's birthday, Frank moves in to make an arrest

Tami : Episode 73

Tami and Kevin think of plan to get Jimmy arrested, Claire and Bev worry why Luigi hasn't come home, DiAngelo prepares to launch his campaign for Mayor https://youtu.be/jOvkuJ9V5nU


Tami: Episode 72

https://youtu.be/DM_W7BpapqA Jaqueline tells Karlton she doesn't know for sure if she killed Karen, Luigi is faced...

Tami: Episode 71

Nick wakes up in Yolanda's house, Heidi and Karlton have a chat about hiring Alan,...

Tami: Episode 70

Tami and Heidi talk, Police Chief DiAngelo continues to organize his campaign for Mayor. Tami...

Tami: Episode 69

https://youtu.be/H5JQBg6BYH8 Tami has a run in with DiAngelo, Claire finds out some interesting news about Mario,...

Tami: Episode 68

https://youtu.be/JXg3RoTRcx0 Bev deals with Mike's death, Yami learns the truth about the baby and Clive, Claire...

Tami : Episode 67

https://youtu.be/uofDv1ckgUQ Yami is excited that her grandson is coming home, A strange phone call prompts the...

Tami: Season 6 Premiere

https://youtu.be/4i3QZwnOeRE Season Six begins with Yolanda discovering who the unknown man is at the hospital. Tami...

Tami: Season Finale

Episode 65 Season Finale: Claire and Luigi find out what's wrong with Bev , Karlton...

Tami: Episode 64

On this episode: Heidi learns some disturbing news, Tami isn't sure about moving since she...
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It’s all about the cliffhanger..

TAMI - The Sault's Soap

It’s All Just Soapy Goodness

TAMI - The Sault's Soap

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