VOD: The Outdoors Chef with Chef Jonathan Collins

Chef Jonathan Collins with The Outdoors ChefThe Outdoors Chef is a Wild to Table Outdoors Series about a Family of Chefs with a passion for Freedom, a thirst for Adventure, and a hunger for all things Wild! Watch as professional chefs Angle, Hunt, Cook, and Store wild food at Camp, in the Kitchen, and from the Farm. Travel with them in the far north, from the salty shores of Hudson’s Bay down the Albany River by canoe, into the heart of Moose country. Experience angling in icy waters, stalking the shores for mighty northern giants and cooking over open fires where tall tales begin. Inspiring those who are backcountry at heart but suburban in reality and tired of the armchair outdoors experience. It’s Wild to Table preserving our Heritage by Angling, Hunting, Cooking, and Storing wild game.